Growth Group Information:


6:30pm at the home of Bill and Volda

Contact Bill: 928-344-6986 


6:00 PM at the home of John and Kathy, children welcome 

Contact Loni: 928-581-7539


6:00 PM at Valley Baptist Church

Contact Rande: 928-210-2169


6:30pm at the home of Terry and Laura, children welcome

Contact Laura: 928-502-1645

Growth Groups of VBC


Growth Groups are a way to study God's Word in a small group setting. Here are some great reasons for you to join a Growth Group: 

A Growth Group gives you a place for real fellowship. 

A Growth Group gives you a place to grow spiritually.

A Growth Group confirms your identity as a Christian.

A Growth Group helps you take your God-given mission to the world.

A Growth Group will help you keep from spiritually backsliding.

The Growth Group needs you.

Call the listed contact or communicate with VBC Staff for more information on Growth Groups of Valley Baptist Church